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Next build will be 2019.


Apostles Build 2017


This build has been completed. Thanks for your generous support of this mission!


Tentative Schedule:


Possible dates for Dayton participation (all Saturdays) include:

  • August 29, four volunteers for painting of wood trim
  • September 12, wall raising, four volunteers
  • September 26, lunch and four volunteers
  • October 17, four volunteers to hang drywall
  • One more date TBA, lunch and four volunteers

Watch for updates to this schedule, which will change as more plans are made. 



- Current donated amount is $45,000 toward the $55,000 required - your help is still needed!
- Still looking for volunteers for the build. Please call or email me if you wish to participate. Call the Dayton Memorial Presbyterian Church Tel: 765-296-3199 for more information or email Bryan.


Ways to donate:

1) Cash/Check in a pew or other envelope clearly marked Presbyterian Build on the envelope and Check. Place your gracious donation in the offering plate. Or mailed to the church at PO box 70, Dayton, IN 47941. Phone: Tel: 765-296-3199


2) Donate directly with Habitat at their office (make sure you specify Presbyterian Build Tippecanoe County on any donation):
Habitat for Humanity
420 South First Street
Lafayette, In 47905

Do not send to the national address in Georgia.


3) "Buy a Stud". If you have a few extra dollars, why not put them to good use! Our Habitat "Buy a Stud" donation box is on the information shelves in the church located in between the parlor and the double doors to the education wing. The box is shaped like a house and is made of clear plastic.


Check out the family bio sheet of Misty, Lenora and Molly posted on the bulletin board in the parlor. The build schedule is also posted on the bulletin board.


If you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to get a hold of me. Thank you!


Brian Sprague

Dayton Representative to the Apostles Build in Tippecanoe County steering committee



Presbyterian House 2015


This build has been completed. Thanks for your generous support of this mission!

In the summer of 2015 local Presbyterian churches again plan to build a Habitat for Humanity house for a deserving, needy family. The 2015 project will be the ninth completed since 1999 when local churches formed a coalition to help families in need—much thanks to Memorial Presbyterian Church. Since its inception in 1984 the Lafayette HFH chapter has built over 260 houses in our community—in many cases enhancing the community by replacing old houses with new, modern structures.

New HFH houses built by the Lafayette chapter meet new “Energy Star” standards which include high efficiency appliances, premium windows and doors, special insulation and sealing around windows and doors. These high construction standards ensure that partner families will experience minimal cost of ownership. Because of the quality of their construction, the “Energy Star” features, and appearance and neighborhood appeal, the city of Lafayette has partnered with Habitat to help find locations and develop infrastructure where HFH homes can be built.

While most of today’s assistance for the needy is federal government sponsored, that impersonal action places no expectations or requirements on welfare recipients making these programs very inefficient, non-motivational, and susceptible to fraud. Habitat for Humanity worldwide has a successful record in changing lives because it is not impersonal and develops a relationship with each partner family. A significant part of HFH activities is virtually unseen by the public. Partner families are screened thoroughly. They must show the ability to make mortgage payments and be self-motivated enough to invest a minimum of 250 sweat equity hours before becoming eligible. Each family is assigned an advocate who assists the family in transitioning to home ownership with information including house maintenance (basic plumbing, electric, heating, etc.), insurance, tax and other miscellaneous home ownership information. Each family is informed that HFH is a Christian based program, and the advocate/client personal relationship is retained even after house closing. As a result, the Habitat community “knows” that Habitat partner families are deserving and reliable, and the families know Habitat. While many government supported projects have failed with recipients virtually destroying their government provided housing leaving taxpayers with the bill, HFH has had a tremendous success record. Locally less than 2% of partner families have defaulted on their HFH mortgage loans.

The 2015 Presbyterian house will cost over $55,000 including the standard 10% tithe for building in other countries. Over $8,500 has been donated to date, but the first step is to accumulate the necessary funding. A partner family and construction site have been identified. Provided that funding is in place, plans call for starting construction in late summer. DMPC has been a strong supporter of these projects, and it is hoped that support will continue. We need your help with financing now and with construction next year. Please keep the Presbyterian Habitat House for 2015 in mind in your charitable giving, and don’t forget to note that direct donations to HFH must be identified for the “Presbyterian House.”

Steve Hancook


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